Hilse Consulting

Leadership team dialogs

Leadership teams have a huge impact on the success of an organization. A good leadership team pulls together so that members can find the best solutions and implement them effectively. I help leadership teams develop an open form of dialog which fosters great ideas and encourages them to stand together behind the decisions they make, whether that involves strategy development or the implementation of change initiatives.

Strategy development and implementation

To make the most productive use of shifting opportunities and risks in their environment, organizations need to regularly refocus and realign themselves. I can help create the space your leadership team needs to reflect on their strategic approach and assist them in taking a future-oriented view of the organization. It is vital to maintain close ties to the rest of the organization in this process. Strategies should be based on ideas and observations from employees – and to have any chance of success, a strategy must be understood, taken to heart and implemented by those same employees.

Strategy requires reflection, but not detachment. Long-term perspectives for the future emerge from the center of an organization.

Change management and communication

Today’s leaders are faced with the ongoing task of continuously developing their organization and effectively implementing change. They can only succeed by working with their employees, not against them. I can assist you and your employees as you work side-by-side to drive change forward. The more you invest in effective and credible leadership, communication and involvement, the greater the likelihood that people will actively support and help shape changes – even when they involve painful cutbacks.

Learning architectures and programs

With many organizations and industries  in a permanent state of flux, leaders and managers cannot afford to simply stand still. I can support you and your organization in developing leadership skills in the right direction. That includes self-leadership as well as the leadership of employees, teams and organizations. One of the most effective approaches uses tailored learning architectures in which individuals and the organization develop in tandem by jointly tackling the most pressing strategic challenges.

Organizational learning rarely takes place in the seminar room. It happens when people explore, act and reflect together in real-life situations.

Executive coaching

There are certain professional situations in which one-on-one coaching is the best way of helping someone to be an effective leader. As your personal sparring partner, I can assist  you assess where you are in your professional career right now. I can also support you in taking on new roles and responsibilities and coping with crucial leadership challenges. I know from my own experience and observations what it means to be a leader in today’s organizations – in particular the diverse, extreme and often paradoxical demands that it places on your shoulders.