Hilse Consulting

I am passionately interested in the development of people and organizations. This is echoed by the roles I play in many areas of my life – as the father of two daughters, as an organizational consultant for leadership and change, and in my various hobbies which include the study of biographies and history books. In the early stages of my career I pursued this interest academically as a psychologist and sociologist, writing my doctoral thesis on the topics of learning organizations and knowledge management. Since then I have discovered the systemic perspective to be exceptionally useful in my work with organizations. Even today, I continue to incorporate insights and experiences from my work in my own publications.

I acquired my 20 years of business and leadership experience at Infineon Technologies AG in Munich and Daimler AG in Stuttgart. I am closely familiar with organizations in which knowledge, innovation and change play a leading role. At Infineon I had the opportunity to establish the Infineon Institute in 2001, which I then led and developed over the course of many years. As a corporate learning and development center, the Infineon Institute was designed to specialize in the fields of strategy implementation, leadership excellence, talent management and change management. During the economic and financial crisis of 2008-10, I also took on responsibility for internal communication. Throughout my career I have worked closely with top management and Executive Board members.

Good strategies and concepts require effective implementation. My goal is to permanently enhance leadership and change skills in your organization.

Customers and colleagues have consistently praised my enthusiasm and creativity, my ability to perceive the bigger picture and provide structured solutions, my sensitivity and intuition in regard to both people and organizations, my sense of fun and infectious good humor, and my reliability and resilience even when the going gets tough! I greatly enjoy working in teams and as a personal sparring partner. I have also learned to appreciate and respect the difference between good strategies and concepts on the one hand, and good implementation of those strategies on the other. My clients also regularly call on my services as a coach and as someone who can help them accurately assess the current status of their personal and professional development.